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The Josefina Bailleres Gift Cards—offering two distinct options tailored for those with refined tastes and a desire for sophisticated gifting.

For products on our website:
Opt for the first gift card type, providing access to our meticulously curated collection of jewelry available on the website. This card allows recipients to choose from a selection of precisely crafted pieces that embody the brand's dedication to artistry and refinement, including necklaces, earrings, rings, and other timeless creations. These will be promptly produced and shipped when finalized.

For bespoke creations:
Select the second gift card type to embark on a personalized journey—a custom design experience with Josefina herself. This exclusive opportunity enables collaboration with our visionary designer to create a bespoke masterpiece, reflecting individual taste and style in every detail.

- Global Flexibility: Contact us directly for gift card purchases in different currencies.
- Tailored Presentation: For those choosing the custom design experience, the physical card will be elegantly wrapped and shipped to the recipient's address. Alternatively, digital cards are available and will be promptly emailed.
- Security and Finality: It is important to note that we are not liable for lost or stolen cards. All gift card sales are considered final, underscoring the exclusivity of each gift card purchase.

We invite you to gift the Josefina Bailleres Card—a thoughtful selection between curated elegance and bespoke creations. Each card signifies not only a gift but an invitation to an extraordinary journey into the world of luxury and personal expression.

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