Con una L Ring


In an ongoing collaboration with Josefina, she meticulously crafts unique 3D jewelry pieces exclusively for clients like Isabela, the visionary behind "Isbl" design and art direction studio. This enduring journey involves closely working together, bringing dreams to life and shaping desires into timeless masterpieces that surpass the bounds of time itself.

Drawing from her Mexican heritage, Josefina Baillères infuses her jewelry designs with a vibrant blend of tradition and contemporary flair. Inspired by the colorful hearts of Mexican culture, her pieces reflect the rich history and artistic craftsmanship of her homeland.

One standout collaboration is a bespoke ring created in harmony with Isabela's vision. Delving deep into Isabela's style preferences and desired symbols, Josefina embarked on a journey to truly showcase the essence of Isabela's personality in the ring. Through meticulous exploration, an organic and fluid design emerged, echoing her individuality.

What made this piece even more special was the inclusion of a personal statement—"con una L"—delicately inscribed on the inside of the ring. This subtle touch encapsulated Isabela's identity and added a layer of intimacy to the already meaningful creation.

With her keen eye for detail and passion for storytelling, Josefina brings to life jewelry that not only celebrates cultural heritage but also encapsulates the essence of her clients' identities. Each piece, like this bespoke ring, is a testament to the collaborative journey between artist and client, resulting in a timeless masterpiece that speaks volumes about the wearer.

Please note: All our pieces are made to order and require 11 to 14 weeks for production.







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