Testament to “things made from love have no fear of time,” our Maison embraces the complexities of impeccable craftsmanship to create heartfelt pieces that go beyond the confines of our material world. In capturing the essence of profound life moments and preserving them through excellence in savoir-faire, we push the boundaries of technology and craft jewels intended to be passed on and last beyond our time. 

In honor of the memories of our existence, our pieces are meant to be talismans of our era.

about josefina

The duality of our founder, as Josie and Josefina, comes alive as one in Josefina Baillères. Josie, the embodiment of youthful innocence, exudes playfulness and revels in the beauty of simple moments. Josefina, a woman of maturity and unwavering dedication, embraces her fervor for elevated craftsmanship, visionary design, and all things refined. Together, they combine a deep understanding of our ephemeral nature and an allure for finely worked high jewelry to draw on nostalgia and create pieces that transcend our lifetime.

Our pieces bear the hallmark of elegance yet retain a sense of whimsy and childlike wonder. It is a beautiful paradox, where seemingly contrasting concepts harmoniously intertwine to bring forth our dreamy designs.

our jewelgineers

Realizing that the art of crafting fine jewelry surpasses the realm of gemstones alone, Josefina has dedicated herself to the mastery of jewelry engineering. Her collections consistently challenge conventions, forging extraordinary pieces that radiate timeless beauty. 

Her vision extends beyond the appeal of captivating designs, weaving intricate stories through each meticulously engineered piece.


Motivated by our deep-rooted passion to preserve memories through time, each creation is meticulously designed to be worn across generations. Our commitment is guided by creating pieces that surpass our own lifetimes, preserving the symbolic and material essence of fine jewelry through the use of enduring materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

With this philosophy at the core of our designs, we envision a future where longevity and timeless beauty intertwine. By thoughtfully sourcing the finest materials and incorporating cherished family heirlooms, we bridge the gap between the past and the future.

We honor the boundless possibilities of our team’s collective imagination to weave our social responsibility into every piece.