about josefina

Josefina is a NYC Jewelry Brand, born out of Mexican roots. Josefina grew up working with her hands and drawing from the elements of the Earth. Her connection to jewelry can be traced back to her parents’ jewelry business. She began her studies by becoming a gemologist to get up close and personal with the beauty that this world has to offer.

our jewelgineers

Recognizing that creating high quality jewelry goes well beyond pretty gems, Josefina turned her focus to jewelry engineering. Her collections are always pushing the envelop to craft unexpected pieces, that feel beautiful all around.

responsible commitment

Inspired by preserving time while designing for the future, every piece is sustainably sourced and designed to be worn across generations. Searching endlessly for the highest quality materials and collaborating with family heirlooms, Josefina bridges the natural world with the vision and technologies of our imagination.